Neighborhood Preservation

Neighborhood Preservation

Across the state, in Corvallis, Eugene, Lake Oswego, and Portland significant increases in the number of existing homes being demolished to build larger housing units has led to an erosion of neighborhood character. This “demolition epidemic” has been most apparent in established turn-of-the-century neighborhoods, where land use policies and market forces are applying significant development pressure on houses that are often affordable, historic, and viable for continued use.

While not every old building is worth saving, retaining a sense of place is vital to our quality of life. No one solution exists to address the demolition epidemic, which is why Restore Oregon is advancing a series of policy initiatives that will protect landmark buildings, encourage the reuse of existing buildings, and allow for responsible new construction.

From interfacing with City committees such as DAG, DRAC, and SAC; to conducting public programs such as pubs, debates, and forums; to delivering testimony at City Council, in op-eds, and on this website, Restore Oregon is committed to advancing policy initiatives that appropriately balance neighborhood preservation and change.

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Statewide Partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation