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Let’s Celebrate 40 Years of Saving Places that Matter to You!

It’s Restore Oregon’s 40th Birthday!

Since 1977, Restore Oregon (formerly known as the Historic Preservation League of Oregon, HPLO) has been saving places that matter throughout Oregon. From one of our early preservation advocacy efforts at the historic Crater Lake Lodge, to historic conservation easements and relentless legislative advocacy, to educational workshops and tours, we work to ensure our most treasured places and communities are protected and passed forward.

Throughout 2017, we will look back at our preservation work over the last 40 years, as well as look towards our collective preservation future that includes disrupting and containing mounting pressures that threatens our most loved communities and most endangered places throughout the state.

Historic places tell our story. Share yours with us.

At Restore Oregon we strongly believe that historic preservation is essential to Oregon’s cultural, environmental, and economic well-being. For the next 40+ years, we hope to continue saving historic places that tell our collective story. As part of our 40th Birthday Celebration, Restore Oregon wants to hear about your love of historic places. Whether it’s the grand story of a family homestead, or the place in your heart for the church where you were married, we want to hear about places matter to you and why.

Show your Oregon historic love: Put your historic place and photo on our map!


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