Density, Design, And Preservation: Ways To Promote Livability And Affordability

Our friends at Architectural Heritage Center is hosting a special event: Density, Design, And Preservation: Ways To Promote Livability And Affordability 10/03/2017 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM PT Admission: Free Portland is struggling to balance the need for more affordable housing with the desire of city residents for better-designed new development that people will want [...]
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Restore Oregon is excited to announce that we are launching a campaign to Re-TURN the Jantzen Beach Carousel!

After spending five years on our list of Oregon’s Most Endangered Places, Restore Oregon is pleased to announce that we have taken ownership of the historic Jantzen Beach Carousel.  Today we are launching a campaign to Re-TURN the Carousel to the people of Portland, and asking for everyone’s support to find it a permanent home. [...]
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1835 Palisades Terrace 3

A Modern House for a Progressive Pair

Dr. Arnold and Dolores Hurtado commissioned the design and construction of their Lake Oswego house in 1962. A native of New York City, and the son of a Guatemalan immigrant musician, Hurtado joined the U.S. Navy in 1943. As an officer, he served in Okinawa as part of the American occupation government. Upon discharge from [...]
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What’s In Walnut Park

After three intensive months of neighborhood engagement, community meetings, and volunteer efforts, Restore Oregon is proud to announce the results of our project which joined with neighbors todocument the history and architecture of Walnut Park. The hard work of our summer intern, Victoria Hensley, and dozens of neighbors has resulted in the documentation of 170 properties across 12 blocks [...]
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The Workmen Temple: A Loss Which Should Have Been Avoided

Demolition of the Ancient Order of United Workmen Temple is well underway in downtown Portland today. It did not need to happen.  Restore Oregon did as much as we could to stop it.  Though the preservation community and local government leaders objected in terms ranging from dismay to outrage, there is little recourse in Oregon when the owner [...]
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Save the Date: Restoration Celebration, November 10th

Join Our Celebration! Please join us for our Restoration Celebration, Oregon’s premier historic preservation, restoration, and architecture event honoring the individuals, organizations, properties, neighborhoods, and landmarks that have been part of our state’s historic preservation efforts during the previous year. What’s happening at the 2017 Restoration Celebration? Our 40th birthday party! Restore Oregon has evolved [...]
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Bill F. with fireplace-enlarged

William Fletcher, An Unapologetic Modernist

Greeted by glass walls which flank the front door combined with glass walls at the rear of the living and dining rooms, the visitor’s approach to the Hurtado House is dominated by uninterrupted views of Lake Oswego. Without stepping through the front door one can see the panorama for which the home was designed and [...]
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Cherry House in Warrenton

Four Amazing Oregon Places Protected in Perpetuity

Restore Oregon manages and maintains the only program in the state which saves a historic place in perpetuity: a historic conservation easement. A historic conservation easement allows the owner of a historic property to retain title and use of a property and, at the same time, ensure its long-term preservation. It is a legal contract […]

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