Gwen Trice founder of The Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center for the multicultural logging community of Maxville, Oregon.

To ensure social justice, reauthorize the Historic Preservation Fund

Wong; Laundry Building, Portland, currently one of Oregon's Most Endangered Places

Wong; Laundry Building, Portland, currently one of
Oregon’s Most Endangered Places

Restore Oregon frequently encounters the perception that historic preservation is a legislative “luxury item.”  We are quick to point out its fundamental role in economic development, livability, and sustainability.  As this article so eloquently states, preservation is also at the heart of equity and social justice.  This rationale applies not only to federal Historic Preservation funding, but our need here in Oregon for a state Historic Rehabilitation Incentive.

Please see U.S. Representative Raúl Grijalva’s op-ed in The Hill about the need to reauthorize the Historic Preservation Fund.

[The Historic Preservation Fund] makes it uniquely possible…  to expand our conception of our history beyond a handful of great men and great events. Thanks to the HPF, we know more about the industrial landscapes, urban neighborhoods, and other features of Main Street, USA, that make us who we are. It allows us to understand the history of the American public, not just the history of the American elite. – U.S. Representative Raúl Grijalva

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