Transom detail <br />(photo courtesy Portland Chinatown History and Museum Foundation)

Can we get a WITNESS? It’s time to testify!

Committee Hearing on
Set for March 4th

Transom detail (photo courtesy Portland Chinatown History and Museum Foundation)The biggest obstacle to the restoration and adaptive reuse of historic buildings is money.  Traditional financing just won’t cover the high cost of restoration, code upgrades, and seismic retrofitting in many cases.  The Revitalize Main Street Act (SB 565) will change that.  Many thanks to those of you who have already endorsed it.

Now the next critical step:  we just learned that our bill will come up for a Senate Finance Committee hearing on March 4th.  This is where SB 565 will either stall or move forward.

SO THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN!  We want every committee member to know about our bill, to have heard from numerous constituents, and vote YES to pass it forward out of committee.  Let’s pack the hearing room and leave no doubt that it’s time we invest in Oregon’s Main Streets.

  1. Email or write your state Senator and Representative and ask them to support SB 565, the Revitalize Main Street Act.  Do it right now, this week.  We’ve made it easy.  Click on this legislator locator link to get the email address of your state Senator and Representative.  Then open this message template and copy it into an email.  It takes just a couple minutes and you’re done!
  1. Come to the Committee hearing in Salem. Don’t be shy— this is democracy in action!  Be part of the public testimony or just come show your support.

Wednesday, March 4th @ 8:30am, State Capitol, Hearing Room A, 900 Court St. NE, Salem, OR  97301 (subject to change by the Committee)

Here’s a quick framework to help formulate your remarks— they should not exceed 3 minutes in length:

  • State your name and city. Note if you’re representing a larger group in addition to yourself.
  • State that you’re speaking in SUPPORT of SB 565, the Revitalize Main Street Act, and ask the committee to vote YES to pass it forward out of committee.
  • Describe in your own words what SB 565 could mean to you, your community, or your business.
  • You might also speak to one or two of these points as appropriate:
    • An example of a building in your community that needs this incentive so it can be rehabbed; describe the potential benefit to the community.
    • Job creation (construction work, new businesses, tourism, etc.)
    • How this incentive would work together with other economic development programs or downtown business association efforts.
    • The environmental benefits of reusing buildings and existing infrastructure.
    • The cultural importance of passing forward local heritage.
  • Thank the committee.
The Revitalize Main Street Act creates a Historic Rehabilitation Fund to provide a 25% rebate for the rehabilitation of historic commercial buildings – stores, hotels, theaters, apartments, factories, mills, etc. Check out 10 Reasons to Support the Revitalize Main Street Act

We know it’s a sacrifice to drive to Salem this early in the morning, but a strong showing at this committee hearing is essential.  Whether in the form of a letter or in-person testimony, speak from the heart and know that your active advocacy will make all the difference!

Many thanks—

Peggy Moretti,
Executive Director, Restore Oregon

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