Versatile rebuilt the tracery panels for the First Congregational Church - one of Oregon's Most Endangered Places

Versatile Wood Products Presents the 2016 Restoration Celebration

Restore Oregon is proud to announce that the Presenting Sponsor of the 2016 Restoration Celebration is Versatile Wood Products, a Portland company owned and operated by Richard and Anne De Wolf. (Buy your Restoration Celebration tickets now!)

Richard and Anne De Wolf are not just partners in business, but in life. richard-and-anne-de-wolf

Their story began in 1993 at a marina in Charleston, South Carolina. She sat atop the mast of a historic sailing vessel, he gazed up at her from the docks. Within the month, the pair were blazing a trail across the US in search of the best place to be.

Without doubts, they chose Oregon.

With their passion for historic preservation, and Oregon being the only state in the nation without protections for its historic resources, one could ask, “Why Oregon?” The answer lies with our craft culture.

Washington High School, Portland

Washington High School, Portland

Architecture is a world divided between art and craft, the dreaming and the doing, the academe and the finish carpenter. Richard brought the craft of architecture to life by founding Arciform, a full-service design and build firm, and Anne quickly came on as a managing partner. After a decade of success, they chose to expand their business ventures, and purchased Versatile Wood Products.

Founded in 1982, Versatile Wood Products provides historically accurate custom wood sash, cabinetry, doors and millwork using techniques originated by 18th and 19th century craftsmen. Their 40,000 square foot wood shop allows Versatile to tackle projects of any scale ranging from a single reproduction sash to a state of the art custom kitchen or a complete commercial storefront entry system.

DeMuor Award project - The Block House Cafe in the evening

Block House Cafe in Dayton

Versatile Wood Products has collaborated on many DeMuro Award winning projects including The Block House Café in Dayton and Washington High in Portland. Both of these projects have spurred development of adjacent properties and reinvigorated their neighborhoods – one of Restore Oregon’s favorite things to see happen because of historic rehabilitation!

Over the years, Versatile Wood Products and Arciform have partnered with several of Restore Oregon’s Most Endangered Places over the years with spectacular results for these beloved historic buildings. From the Pioneer Mother’s Cabin, to the First Congregational Church, or the Shipley Cook Barn, Richard and Anne support saving Oregon’s Most Endangered Places. Together, they used the expertise and skilled craftsmen of their business ventures to make a lasting impact on the landscape of historic properties across Oregon.

Thank you for all you do, as individuals, as partners, and as business owners. Your generosity to Restore Oregon allows us to provide the state-wide voice for historic preservation in Oregon.

You can thank Richard and Anne in person at the Restoration Celebration  coming up on Friday, November 11 in Portland at the historic Sentinel Hotel. See you there!

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