Why donate to Restore Oregon?


Help us save 12 irreplaceable treasures on Oregon’s Most Endangered Places List.
From Astoria to Vale, these historic gems tell the story of Oregon. Let’s give them a future.

Help us curb demolitions. 
Restore Oregon is proposing code changes and incentives to add density without demolition and protect neighborhood character.

Help us fix Oregon’s broken historic designation process.
Give communities a voice in protecting places that matter so we don’t lose more sites across Oregon’s landscape.

Help us couple mandated seismic upgrades with state tax credits to offset costs.
We can’t afford to lose many of the wonderful masonry buildings that provide needed housing, small business space, and a sense of place.

Help us advocate for the documentation of more historic resources.
How do we know what’s important if we don’t know what we have? An inventory process will allow cities to plan for the future of their historic places.

Help us launch a revolving real estate program.
Restore Oregon will be able to step in and directly save threatened historic places throughout the state.

Help us Re-TURN the Jantzen Beach Carousel. 
This happy Portland historic icon has been donated to Restore Oregon. Now we must find it a new home. It’s hard to put a price tag on joy – but imagine the simple delight of riding the carousel once again.

Make a donation today to support our work in 2018.

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