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Because PLACE Matters. Not just our great outdoors, but our historic homes and neighborhoods, bridges and barns, churches and Main Streets make Oregon so authentic and livable. More...

Oregon's Most Endangered Places »

From Oregon Trail pioneer homesteads to a WWII blimp hangar, these unique places tell the story of who we are.
Nominated by people across the state, our annual list of Oregon’s Most Endangered Places spotlights their value as cultural and economic assets. We then bring together rehabilitation expertise, resources, and local support to revitalize these properties so they can again contribute to their communities and be passed forward to future generations. More...
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Heritage Barns Task Force »

With the rapid changes in farming and ranching, there is a special urgency for preservationists to partner with the agricultural community. The Heritage Barn Taskforce plans to bring together resources to support Oregon ranchers, farmers, barn owners, barn enthusiasts, and their allies to find ways to preserve these structures, and to retain and enhance their usefulness in today’s agricultural environment. More...
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Oregon is missing an essential financial tool to revitalize our historic downtowns, create jobs, and stimulate local economies. Endorse our call to action and learn more..

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Our annual DeMuro Award celebrates the best preservation, adaptive reuse, and community revitalization projects in Oregon. More…
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Easements Offer Permanent Protection »

Historic Conservation Easements offer permanent protection for historic properties. The only way to ensure that a historic property is permanently protected against demolition and neglect by future owners is through a conservation easement, also known as a preservation easement.
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Restore Oregon serves as the statewide voice of preservation and reuse addressing underlying issues that threaten communities’ historic fabric such as zoning, economic incentives, or simple lack of awareness. Our goal is to bring forward issues in a way that advances solutions. More…
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Mid-Century Modern Tour »

This year’s Modern tour features six homes by the internationally acclaimed architect Pietro Belluschi. May 10, 2014 More...

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Educational programs raise awareness of the benefits of preservation to our culture, economy, and environment. Restore Oregon staff is available to speak to interested groups on a number of topics, including…

Statewide Partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

Cut and paste this letter and add your personal comments. In addition to your Representative and Senator, send a copy to and to the Senate Finance Committee:



Senator or Representative Name



Dear ________,

Our historic downtown is the cultural and economic core of the community and members of our downtown business association and city government are working hard to bring the district back to life.  But the cost of much-needed building restoration, code compliance, and seismic retrofitting remains financially out of reach in many cases.

[insert personal comments or an example of a needy building here. ie ] is an example.

We urge you to support and advocate for The Revitalize Main Street Act (SB 565) as a modest, cost-effective investment that will help revitalize our downtown and pay dividends for decades to come in the form of new jobs, income and property taxes, cultural heritage and tourism, business incubation, seismic safety, and the reuse of existing infrastructure.

The Revitalize Main Street Act creates a state Historic Rehabilitation Fund to provide a 25% rebate for the certified rehabilitation of historic commercial buildings – stores, hotels, theaters, apartments, factories, mills, etc.  It would be funded by the public auction of state income tax credits (similar to the Oregon Film Production Credit) at a capped amount of $12M per year.  The money stays here in Oregon and we end up with long term, tangible assets.

An economic impact study conducted by EcoNorthwest states that Oregon would be economically better off with this incentive.  In 2018 with a state investment of just $10.6M we would see:

  • 4X more buildings restored than without the state incentive.
  • 1,369 jobs per year generating income of $25.5M.
  • $2.3M net increase in property taxes per year to pay for schools and services.
  • $13.3M new federal Historic Tax Credit dollars invested in Oregon per year.
  • $35.8M net annual increase in direct development spending.

Historic rehabilitation incentives have been proven effective in 35 other states as a targeted means to attract private investment and capture more federal tax credit dollars. This is particularly important in smaller towns.

It’s time for the state to invest in Oregon’s Main Streets and pass the Revitalize Main Street Act in 2015.




Title/Business (if appropriate)


cc: Senate Finance Committee: ;  Restore Oregon: