We’re Headed to DC to Talk Preservation

The U.S. Capitol in 1909. Library of Congress image.

The U.S. Capitol in 1909. Library of Congress image.

As anyone who’s stopped by the office recently knows, the Restore Oregon staff are working long hours to advocate for the Revitalize Main Street Act. Passage of this bill would be transformative for hundreds of iconic buildings across the state. But, of course, there are many other legislative issues that affect historic places. So, we’ve found a little spare time in our schedule to head back to Washington, DC, next week to remind our friends in Congress why preservation matters.

As our contribution to National Preservation Advocacy Week, we will be meeting with Oregon’s Senators and Representatives to share examples of the good things happening in Oregon’s historic neighborhoods, downtowns, and rural communities. We’ll also take the opportunity to make a few asks.

With Season 3 of "House of Cards" premiering during Preservation Advocacy Week, we couldn't help including a bit of Frank Underwood in this post.

With Season 3 of “House of Cards” premiering during
Preservation Advocacy Week, we couldn’t help referring
to a few of Frank Underwood’s words of wisdom.

We want to hear from you! What other preservation issues should our Senators and Representatives know about? Are there recent rehabilitation projects they should see photos of? Is there a particular federal policy that is getting in the way of reusing historic buildings? Should they be preemptively briefed on any specific issues that may be headed their way?

Leave us a comment and we’ll bring your preservation issues with us to Advocacy Week in D.C.!

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