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United Workmans Temple

State Legislation Aimed at Offsetting Seismic Retrofit Costs

With mandatory upgrades proposed, will it be enough to avoid demolition of historic buildings on a massive scale?   Seismic retrofitting for Unreinforced Masonry Buildings (URMs) is mandated in earthquake-prone cities from San Francisco to Tokyo.  In Oregon, it is not – but that may soon change.  With the dire predictions of the Cascadia quake [...]
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Unreinforced masonry building in NE Portland (Photo courtesy Rob Dortignacq)

New Study Sheds Light on Portland’s Masonry Buildings

In the beginning of the twentieth century, as Portland grew and expanded to the east and north, residential and commercial buildings were constructed along the streetcar and automobile travel corridors and at neighborhood centers. Many of these utilized unreinforced masonry (URM) for its improved fire resistance, durability, and lower maintenance over wood framing. The City […]

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