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The Historic Tax Credit provided essential
funding to convert the historic Erickson Fritz Saloon to affordable housing.

ADVOCACY ALERT: Historic Tax Credit Eliminated

The federal Historic Tax Credit (HTC) has been an essential source of funding for the restoration and revival of over 100 historic buildings across Oregon.  Without the HTC, the vast majority of these projects – along with their jobs and community uplift – would not have happened. The HTC has returned a 25% “profit” to […]

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Cherry House in Warrenton

Four Amazing Oregon Places Protected in Perpetuity

Restore Oregon manages and maintains the only program in the state which saves a historic place in perpetuity: a historic conservation easement. A historic conservation easement allows the owner of a historic property to retain title and use of a property and, at the same time, ensure its long-term preservation. It is a legal contract […]

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Inventorying Portland’s History

Restore Oregon is working with Walnut Park to document and survey its own architecture and history. Documentation is the first step in discovering the stories of a place and telling them, and it is a fundamental tool for historic preservation. It’s impossible to preserve a place if that place and its story are unknown. While […]

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Copy of Historic Walnut Park

Introducing Walnut Park

Walnut Park is important. But it’s likely that you’ve never heard about it. That’s forgivable. Restore Oregon didn’t know it existed until last summer. It’s probable that even some residents of Walnut Park don’t know that they live within its boundaries. When platted in 1904, this undeveloped island of forest in Northeast Portland was bounded [...]
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E-news 3rd & Ash Story

Ankeny Blocks Development Design Submitted to Landmarks Commission for Review

Guidelines adopted last summer are shaping the design of a mixed-use development slated to replace a parking lot at Southwest 3rd and Ash. The surface lot/building site is one of the Ankeny Blocks located within the Skidmore/Old Town Historic District. The Skidmore/Old Town Historic District, first listed in the National Register of Historic Places back in 1975, became […]

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Living in a Portland Historic District: FAQ

Restore Oregon has released an updated frequently asked questions (FAQ) handout to address recent statewide rules changes affecting the state’s historic places. This informational overview focuses on new National Register Historic Districts in Portland which are designated after January 2017. It highlights several questions including the following: Can properties in new historic districts be demolished? […]

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Portland City Council Responds to RIP Testimony; Continued Advocacy Needed in 2017

Responding to growing support for house preservation in Portland’s older neighborhoods, the City Council on Wednesday voted to significantly amend the much-discussed Residential Infill Project. Although the Council largely supported the concepts presented by the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, a series of amendments were adopted to “make it more attractive to preserve the […]

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Built 1906 - Demolished 12/2015

Show Your Support for Portland’s Historic Resources

Restore Oregon is calling on our friends in the historic preservation community to demonstrate a strong showing of support for curbing demolitions, protecting historic resources, and encouraging compatible infill on December 7th at City Hall. In their once-a-year opportunity to discuss the most important historic preservation issues with the Portland City Council, the Historic Landmarks […]

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This Wednesday: Raise Your Voice to Protect Portland’s Neighborhoods

Update: City Council has extended the deadline to submit written testimony until Wednesday, November 23. The City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) wants to respond to Portlanders’ concerns about changing neighborhoods citywide. The Residential Infill Project was initiated in the fall of 2015 to address growing pains related to demolitions, the size of infill homes, and […]

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Portland First in Nation to Mandate Deconstruction of Historic Homes

Effective October 31, any one or two-family home that was built in 1916 or earlier or is a designated historic resource cannot be demolished by the typical bulldozer process, but must be manually deconstructed and salvaged. In response to the demolition epidemic sweeping across Portland, the City convened a Deconstruction Advisory Group (DAG) to recommend […]

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