Preservation Toolkit

Restore Oregon’s Preservation Toolkit provides a high level guide to the process and decisions one needs to make when approaching the restoration and reuse of a historic building. It is oriented toward small-to-medium commercial properties, but much of the content will apply to homes, barns, and other types of structures.

Each module corresponds to a particular aspect of the process. You may download individual modules or the entire Preservation Toolkit.



00 – Process Overview: a simple flowchart illustrating the steps for a successful preservation project.



01 – An Orientation to Preservation & Adaptive Reuse: introductions to terminology, standards, organizations, and the National Register.



02 – Condition Assessment Checklist: a top-to-bottom checklist for examining and documenting the current state of your property.



03 – Creating a Viable Rehabilitation Plan: a guide to determining a feasible new use for your property, and testing the economic dollars and sense.
Download the corresponding economic modeling spreadsheets.



04 – Funding Sources & Incentives: bank loans, grants, tax credits… learn what is available and the associated stipulations.



05 – Maintenance Plan: what it should include and how to approach it.



06 – Working With the Right Preservation Professionals: assembling the right team and understanding the role they play can make or break your project.



07 – Organize & Build Community Support: tips on telling your story and getting the community on board.
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Download the Preservation Toolkit


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