ADVOCACY ALERT- Hearing Thursday, June 22nd on HB 2007 (1)

SUCCESS! HB 2007 Has Been “Fixed!”

The introduction of HB 2007 blindsided many of us in the preservation community.

As cities across the nation struggle to solve the affordable housing crisis, Restore Oregon strongly believes that historic places and neighborhoods are part of that solution. As an attempt to relieve some of the housing pressure in Oregon, HB 2007 was introduced to the Oregon legislature this Spring. While the heart of the bill was in the right place, its implementation would have incentivized more demolitions of existing homes and undermined what little protections Oregon has in place for historic districts, places, and communities.

Restore Oregon advocated fiercely to—“fix HB 2007 or vote no!”

Thanks to the massive outcry from constituents statewide, we are proud to announce that HB 2007 has been “rehabbed” into a bill that preservationists can get behind. Together with a coalition of preservation organizations, Restore Oregon has submitted testimony in support of a new bill, SB 1051-8, which replaces HB 2007.

SB 1051-8 (which passed the House today and goes before the Senate tomorrow) omits what was most objectionable about the old bill, but includes the better aspects:

  • It accelerates review and permitting of construction for affordable housing.
  • Removes restrictions on the operation of the new Goal 5 Rules for historic resource protections.
  • Utilizes “clear and objective standards” for new construction design while retaining the ability to protect historic character.
  • Removes a mandate to allow duplexes in all single-family zones and its unintended effect of incentivizing more demolitions of modest housing.
  • Calls for ADUs to be allowed in all single family zones, a proven strategy to increase density without demolition.
  • Allows construction of affordable housing on religious institution property.

Your Support Made this Success Possible!

Our legislative advocacy is just one of the many ways we work to save historic places around the state. As many of you know, we are a small, efficient organization with a BIG agenda. We need your help to continue saving places and preserving Oregon’s rich history. Restore Oregon is the only state-wide preservation organization. If you value our work to protect historic Oregon, please consider donating to our 40th Anniversary Match Campaign.

Donate now and your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar. But only through July, 20, so please give now!

Plus – for donations of $40 for more received by July 21, you will be entered to win one of our thank you prizes – including our grand prize: a night at the historic Grand Geiser in Baker City!

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