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It Costs You Nothing

It’s that time again. You’re filled with generosity, but your wallet not so much. You can still support a great cause like protecting Oregon’s historic places without spending a dime more than you normally would. These will take only a few moments of your time and you can enjoy the warm glow of doing something good […]

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Restoration Celebration



Emilie Evans, guest speaker

Restoration Celebration

The Restoration Celebration is a festive evening celebrating what makes Oregon, OREGON.  Architects, craftsmen, concerned-citizens, developers, designers, and historic property owners come together to recognize and toast exemplary preservation and reuse projects with the DeMuro Awards.

Our featured guest speaker is Emilie Evans, Co-founder and Co-leader at Brick + Beam Detroit; Director, Rightsizing Cities Initiative with PlaceEconomics.

Presentation of Oregon’s Most Endangered Places at the Restoration Celebration (photo: Drew Nasto)

We also announce Oregon’s Most Endangered Places ®,  a keystone program of Restore Oregon. We work hand-in-hand with sites earning this designation to bring together rehabilitation expertise, resources, grants, and local support to bring these significant and irreplaceable sites back to life in their communities and be passed forward to future generations.

The proceeds of this event support Oregon’s Most Endangered Places ®, fund necessary legal work, and allow us to act as your voice in local and statewide government. Without you we wouldn’t be able to do this important work! If you are not able to attend, but still wish to support us, buy a raffle ticket today!


5:30 PM



*Please note tickets are non-refundable.

If you or your company would like to sponsor the 2016 Restoration Celebration
or purchase tables,
please contact Sarah Heath (971) 717-6895

Header image: original artwork by Kate Powell of MPF Conservation


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Future Success Secured

In the past year, Restore Oregon has made great strides towards protecting and preserving the places that make Oregon livable and sustainable. This is an update on two of the places that were on the 2016 list of Oregon’s Most Endangered Places and have now progressed toward the ultimate goal of a long-term viable use. The […]

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Local Artist Portrays Endangered Places

Restore Oregon is thrilled to announce a partnership with local artist and conservator Kate Powell. Over the course of the last several months, Kate has created stunning watercolor paintings of several of Oregon’s Most Endangered Places. These evocative and colorful pieces will be auctioned at the Restoration Celebration on Friday, November 11 at the Sentinel […]

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Restoration Celebration Speaker, Emilie Evans

Restore Oregon is excited to announce that Emilie Evans, of PlaceEconomics, will be giving the Keynote Address for the 2016 Restoration Celebration. Our most important event of the year, the Restoration Celebration will take place on Friday, November 11, showcasing outstanding historic rehab projects receiving DeMuro Awards and announcing the list of Oregon’s Most Endangered […]

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Wooden Jewel Box on the Southern Coast

Placed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2015, and named one of Oregon’s Most Endangered Places that same year, the 1896 Lindberg House in Port Orford is a stunning example of the Queen Anne style and shingle-siding craftsmanship. The house was designed and built by John Peter Lindberg between 1892 and 1896, and […]

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Saving the Ermatinger House

When it comes to Oregon history, it doesn’t get much more significant than the Ermatinger House. In 1845, Francis Ermatinger built for himself a federal style residence in what is now downtown Oregon City. Ermatinger was a powerful and influential figure in early Oregon history, serving as a chief trader for the Hudson’s Bay Company, […]

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Shipley-Cook Barn (photo: Drew Nasto)


My name is Rick Cook. For the past three years, I have served on Restore Oregon’s Heritage Barn Taskforce, a volunteer role that has led me down the path to restoring my family’s own heritage barn. I would like to convey a message in regards to your continued support of Restore Oregon. Ever wonder what […]

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PGE Bull Run Power House

Saving the Powerhouse

We saw the Bull Run Powerhouse for the first time in 2008. Sitting on the Bull Run River northeast of Sandy, the generator room was roaring with four turbines generating 22 megawatts of electricity like it had since 1912. PGE was about to decommission the powerhouse by removing two dams that supplied its water. Due […]

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Max Williams, CEO of Oregon Community Foundation gave an inspiring address that you can read in our newsroom (photo: Drew Nasto)

“Building Visionary Communities” by Max Williams

Max Williams, CEO, Oregon Community Foundation delivered the following address on November 13, 2015, at the Restoration Celebration for Restore Oregon. It’s an honor to be here tonight celebrating Restore Oregon. I think as Oregonians we’ve become hooked on the power of the tiny prefix “re.” Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. For us, those are not guilt-at-the-grocery-store […]

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